Yet another travel blog? No and yes. This website is designed for people around the world to experience Finland from a view of a small town, but this town is no ordinary town….. This is my home town Lake’s End (in Finnish Järvenpää). The Tuusula Lake’s area is famous for its cultural history for being a home for many national and international artists. For example Jean Sibelius, a famous symphony composer, who wrote our national treasure called Finlandia. Also Joonas Kokkonen who wrote the brilliant opera The Last Temptation.

If you have heard of Finland, you may have heard of Lapland, Father Christmas (Santa Clause), Nokia phones, Olympic city and capital of Finland Helsinki, which often hosts world leaders meetings as being safe and neutral territory. More information is provided at Wikipedia

So back to the end of the lake… This small town is located about 40 km north from the capital city Helsinki. There are approximately 44000 people living in the town. The picture on this post is from the conservation area Lemmenlaakso (valley of love) at eastern border of the town. This beautiful small forest and river is also known as Finnish rainforest.

River Kerava @ Lemmenlaakso

Local people know this conservation area well and come here to relax and enjoy nature. City of Järvenpää has built a disc golf course right next to it and it is attracting more young people to visit the forest. One of my favorite places is the grill place. Firewood is complimentary from the city, although I usually carry my own, just in case… You can’t pick up or cut the firewood from the forest.

Grill @ Lemmenlaakso

Pictures tell more than words, so I just leave you with photos I took summer 2020 here. For more information checkout the Tripadvisor:


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