In the nineteen sixties composer Joonas Kokkonen was offered to build an art home next to Lake Tuusula. He had plans to move to Helsinki, but the city of Järvenpää wanted to keep him around. There is a great history around Lake Tuusula. Many famous artists have lived there since the twentieth century and after. Composer Jean Sibelius, National writer Aleksis Kivi, writer Juhani Aho, Poet J. H. Erkko, painters Pekka Halonen, Eero Järnefeld, Gösta Enckell, Venny Soldan-Brofeld. Many other artists often visited the cultural landscape and spent time with the art-community. So how could mr. Kokkonen said no, when he was offered a beautiful piece of land by the lake and around the historic atmosphere.

The house itself is amazing. It is the only private artist’s home ever designed by no other than the great Finnish architect Alvar Aalto. The house is not only an ordinary home, it has a music room. The room was designed for Mr Kokkonen to compose and work on his music. The acoustics in the room are amazing. When I visited the Villa Kokkonen last summer, the hosts gave us a tour around the house and land. At the end of the tour was the most amazing performance in the music room. I am not an expert on music, especially classical music, but I felt power and harmony the most perfect way I ever experienced. The music room has space for approximately 40 people.

The music room

The hosts Elina Viitaila and Antti A. Pesonen rented the house in 2009 for their personal home and began their lives as entrepreneurs. Antti and Elina arrange tours and music performances around the year. People around the world come here to enjoy the unique atmosphere. It is possible to arrange private parties at the house. For more information, please contact the Villa Kokkonen

Pool behind the house is designed to mirror the lake and nature

The house is listed as an iconic house No fan of Alvar Aalto will miss this house. There are tons of small details at the house and Antti shows them all to visitors with such passions that no tourist guide can ever achieve. I really enjoyed this tour, as you can tell from my writing here. I spent one summer day around the area, looking and taking photos. This area is called Vanhankylänniemi, which translates to Old Village’s Cape. My original plan was just to take a few photos over the fence for this blog: Antti saw me over the fence and told me that this unique place deserves more respect than a few quick photos over the fence. Next Sunday I went on a tour at Villa Kokkonen, and I’ll just say, Antti was right. This jewel is unique and still unknown to the major population outside the architect and art communities.


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