Dear child has many names (an old saying in Finland). This magnificent three piece monumental art is found at the Beach Park. Direct translation for this sculpture is the three chord. There is a small story behind these ’McDonald’s’ like yellow arcs and it is actually connected to Houston Texas USA. Before we get into that, let’s enjoy some spring photos of the Texas yellow rose in the Beach Park.

Yes, quite amazing? So, here is the story.

In the late 1970’s Mr. Pauli Hyppönen got the idea of the outdoor sculpture that could be located at the Beach Park. Mr. Hyppönen was the chairman of the Art Tuusula Lake Association at the time. He talked about his idea with the association’s summer curator Mr. Antero Kare. Mr. Kare had learned to know an American sculptor Rolf Westphal in his trips to the US. So these guys got Rolf interested in the project and they began to build this monument that weighs 27 thousand kilograms and is 11 meter high.

At the time the Lake’s End was an industrial town and the monument was built locally at Wärtsilä workshop. Funding for the project came from local companies and the local junior chamber of commerce played a big part in getting the companies to fund the monument. July 11th 1979 sculptures were donated to the town. Work name for the sculpture was Builder. Town held a naming contest and the winner was three chord. Logical, since great composers used to live in the town.

Rolf himself wanted locals to always see it as a new season. Yellow color for matching dandelions in the spring. The other nicknames came from mr. Kare.

Three chords has become the symbol of the Lake’s End. It welcomes travelers coming from the west and airport. We are proud of this monument in so many ways, that comparison to the McDonald’s yellow arcs does not bother us at all… as it is originating from the US too.


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