Authentic Napolian pizza @ The Lake’s End! Napoli style pizza is not commonly known in Finland. It might look very similar on the plate, but there are some differences in the production process. In the 2020 gastronomic entheustatic Mr. Tuomas Raejärvi had posted his pizzas in Instagram. These pictures got a lot of attention and later the same year he held his first pop-up pizza stand in the city of Kerava. Together with another local chef they sold around 100 pizzas at the parking lot of a CrossFit Gym. They had around 40 pre-orders and hoped to sell a couple more to the people walking by. 

But the smell of these high quality pizzas went into the noses of people working around the area. In just one hour they had loads of people lining for these delicates. They had to close the shop early, because they simply ran out of the ingredients.

Napoli style pizza or pizza napoli

These pizzas are made of dough that rises on the edges, leaving an airy crust. The dough is made of high quality flour from Italy. They mainly use fresh mozzarella cheese slices on top of the pizzas. Other ingredients are also high quality and as fresh as possible. The temperature in the oven is way over 725 degrees Fahrenheit (400 degrees Celsius).

There are only a couple of choices on the menu and you have to pre-order the pizzas. The Art of Pizza has developed a web-app where you can make your order and book a time slot for the pick up. 

And back to the story….The next three pop-up events Mr. Raejärvi organized from his home. The production space started to develop to be more professional and capacity of the production went from 100 to 250. As an engineer, Mr. Raejärvi has high standards on these pizzas. The piece of the dough is weighted the same on every pizza and the same goes for the ingredients. The latest pop-ups got the attention of the press and radio Rock. The huge success of the pop-up has got Mr. Raejärvi to plan the future of the Art of Pizza. I hope we can see the Art of Pizza restaurant in the future.


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