Author: Mr Tuomas Käyhkö

Let’s take a step to the unknown.

This blog is all about life, places, business and people from Järvenpää Finland. The name is combined from to words Lake (järvi) and End (pää). The latter can be also translated as Head. Since the meaning Järvenpää is the end of the Lake Tuusula viewed from Tuusula center, the lake’s end describes the Järvenpää more.

I as an author am only taking Finland to the world from another point of view. You might have heard this remote country before? Although some presidents around the world are still wondering are we part of Russia or are typical eastern European country. The answer is western European nordic country.

I have lived in this beautiful town since November 2008. I had my own business here for 8 years. It included a taxi, digital marketing, some projects on software development. Now I’m looking forward to new challenges as an entrepreneur and hopefully I get my new business up and running within a year.

As a blogger I have had a few before. Couple of years ago I had serious over weight and I felt terrible. I found a Taekwondo and started training, lost almost 40 kg and today I am in great shape, physically and mentally. You can read my story from fat to slim from my taekwondo blog.

I have plans to include general information here for people who want to visit or maybe do business at the real lake’s end. Just hold on for that…

If you like to contact me, please write an email. I am thrilled to answer all kinds of questions relating topic, blogs, people and generally everything at the Lake’s End.

– Tuomas Käyhkö

Author: Mrs. Ann-Mari Kallberg

Urban culture meets the history.

I have been living in Järvenpää-area since 1997. Now living in Tuusula, still not far away from the centre of Järvenpää. Järvenpää has changed a lot since the late nineties. Nowadays there are more shops, restaurants, parks and business areas to mention a few things!

About me. I´m a part-time entrepreneur (content production etc) with a daytime office job. Enjoying to write about anything, take pictures and find new things and ideas. I am also an Airbnb host since April. I live in an old house with my family and there is always something to do, at the moment my project is splitting wood.

I have been writing a blog as my hobby for nine years and now am happy to join as a writer for this blog.

– Ann-Mari Kallberg